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Thank you for visiting our site! Our name Rogue River PWD was chosen because we live along the Rogue River in beautiful Southern Oregon. Christina started raising Portuguese Water Dogs in 2014 with her husband Chieze. They both grew up raising animals, Christina did 4-H and FFA and ended up as a high school teacher. She is now a stay at home mom while Chieze got his degrees in both Agriculture and Engineering, and is now in the field of Geotechnical Engineering. We are working to better the breed, and raise happy and healthy puppies, to enrich the lives of their future families and forever homes. Feel free to check out our Instagram account @rogueriverpwd. We look forward to hearing from you!

Christina, Chieze, Kamso, Kelu & Kosi

My name is Christina, my husband is Chieze and my boys are Kamso, Kelu & Kosi. We have been raising PWD's since 2014. We all have curly and wavy hair just like the dogs, so we are one big curly family. 


Hulk is a handsome 50lbs boy who is a very loving, playful and happy go lucky kind of guy! We imported him from Hungary and feel blessed to have him in our family!


Minnie is about 50lbs and has the sweetest demeanor. She's great with kids and loves to chill. She is Lia's daughter and took after Lia's sweet personality and temprament. 


Olive is about 47lbs and full of love! Her curly coat and charisma are unmatched. It's almost impossible to keep her dry because when she isn't swimming, she's playing in the water bowl!


Goldie is Peach's daughter, a beautiful golden brown beauty! She is always ready to cuddle and get some love. She loves going swimming as well!

Honeydew (Retired)

Honeydew is about 48lbs, very lovable brown wavy girl! She is always ready for hugs and will never say no to going on an adventure!

Peach (Retired)

Peach is about 50lbs with a wavy white coat. She is sweet, very athletic, and loves belly rubs! She loves getting in the water and then rolling around and getting all dirty.. she always needs a bath!

Rogue River PWD.jpg
Lia (Retired)

Lia is about 45 lbs, and this black beauty who with her wavy coat and sweet personality can charm anyone. 

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